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Johnny Airtime
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Biography of Johnny Airtime

How Johnny Airtime got the name

Photo: Head shot of Johnny Airtime


JA jumps 120 feet and lands on a box van traveling at 55 mph

JA jumps the moving Mount Hood Railroad train head on

Johnny Airtime practicing for the head-on train jump

Johnny Airtime destroying front wheel landing on building to building jump

Johnny Airtime doing a No Hander in his first public ramp to ramp jump

Airtime Brothers doing a "helmet on" interview after first public jump

Johnny Airtime jumps his 2nd public jump over Camaros, 1984

Johnny Airtime crosses it up ramp to ramp

Art "The Wrench" Lanier, Johnny Airtime's mechanic

Butch Laswell, also known as Donnie Airtime


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