Butch Laswell, aka Donnie Airtime

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To see pictures of Butch Laswell, scroll down after you read this.

Butch Laswell was a special person to Johnny Airtime. When Johnny was about to build his first set of ramps, his mechanic, Art "The Wrench" Lanier, recommended that he talk with Butch Laswell. Johnny tracked him down and they hit it off immediately. Laswell had been jumping ramp to ramp but had gotten out of it; he had a lot of jumps under his belt and no crashes. He had gone 180 feet. Johnny was impressed and they talked for hours. Later, Johnny flew Butch to Texas where Johnny was stationed in the Air Force so they could start building Johnny's first set of steel framed ramps. After three days of hard work, Butch flew back to Nevada and before long, he packed up his bike and belongings and returned to join Johnny Airtime. They became the Airtime Brothers, Johnny and Donnie. They did 1,000 ramp to ramp jumps together. Johnny insists that some of the things Butch taught him have kept him alive to this day. Butch performed 5,000 ramp to ramp jumps before his first and only crash, where he tragically died after being blown off course in mid-air in Mesquite, Nevada and flatlanded from 55 feet high. He was a great guy. He will be missed by everyone who knew him.

To see pictures of Butch in action, click on the hyperlinks below.

Donnie Airtime (Butch Laswell) busting a big No Footer ramp to ramp, 1984

Donnie Airtime (Butch Laswell) signing an autograph

Donnie Airtime does the Swan

Photo of Donnie Airtime (Butch Laswell) busting a one foot on the seat, one handed wheelie in 1984

Photo of the Airtime Brothers doing a "helmet on" interview after first public jump

Donnie Airtime jumping Camaros


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