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Johnny Airtime was jumping bicycles and building ramps before the first quarter pipe was built. Later, break dancing and rap lyrics talked about bustin' a freestyle, and bicycle half pipe jumpers and flatland trick riders utilized the word "freestyle" in their vocabulary. Johnny was using the term "freestyle" to describe motorcycle jumping tricks in 1977. He always wanted competitions between jumpers to become a real sport. He thought sanctioned jump contests would make jumping legitimate and respectable, so big sponsors could come in and build it into what it could be. Little did he know that freestyle motocross would eventually be born and all the talented jumpers would develop their skills to such an impressive level.

Thanks to guys like Shane Trittler, Micky Dymond, Brian Manley, Larry Linkogle, Les Linkogle, Mike Metzger, Jimbeau Andrews, Bobby Williams and of course, all the jumpers, freestyle motocross was taken from concept to reality.

Freestyle motocross is a sport where riders jump on a tight course with large jumps and steep angles. They perform tricks in mid-air and on the ground during one to two minute routines. The riders who win are the ones who score the highest. Ideally, five judges will score. Scores are based on different criteria with different sanctioning bodies. Usually the riders are scored based on amplitude, variety, use of course, difficulty of tricks, smoothness of run and overall impression.

Johnny Airtime has judged the following freestyle motocross contests:

Bluetorch Right Guard Xtreme Sports $40,000 jump-off at Lake Elsinore, California, Virginia Beach, Virginia and Orlando, Florida.

High Octane "The Dunes" Challenge at Arrowhead Pond

International Freestyle Motocross Association (IFMA) $75,000 Las Vegas Final

IFMA Jump-off at Lake Havasu, Arizona

IFMA Jump-off at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington

Milestone Motorsports Air MX Challenge in Bakersfield, California

Planet P jump-off in Salt Lake City, Utah

World Freeride Association jump-off in Irwindale, California

WFA Jump-off in Las Vegas, Nevada

WFA Jump-off in San Bernardino, California

WFA Jump-off in Worcester, Massachusetts 

X Games in San Francisco, California

He is regarded as experienced, unbiased, fair and consistent in his judging. The jumpers trust him to deliver an accurate score, playing no favorites.

Johnny Airtime is available to judge freestyle motocross jump-off contests. If you're in need of a good freestyle contest judge, contact Johnny.

When you've got big money on the line and pro jumpers wanting to be judged according to uniform standards, don't take chances. Contact Johnny Airtime.


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