JA Lands on a Moving Box Van

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In the 3rd most difficult stunt of his career, Johnny Airtime jumps and lands on the roof of a box van driven at 55 mph by Greg Brickman for the worldwide television series Stuntmasters. This jump happened in 1991 in Devore, California on the old Route 66 at the end of a downhill, in the middle of a sweeper. Johnny paced with the truck, then had to gas it before getting to the ramp to compensate for the truck's S-turn. Johnny's trajectory took longer than Brickman's S-turn, so Airtime had to lead him a little. He landed right in the center of the bull's eye target painted on the truck's rooftop. Here you can see Brickman clipping the inside cone, which was 60 feet from the launch ramp. This was not a mistake, it was planned in advance, and everything went exactly according to plan. Airtime wanted the truck under him at the 60 foot point, when he was reaching apogee. By the time the bull's eye of the truck was 120 feet away from the launch ramp, the truck was straight as an arrow, settled down and centered. That's where Johnny first touched down on the breakaway roof, leaving a splintered hole in his wake, stuffing his Honda CR500 into cardboard boxes inside. He said it was his softest landing ever. He would repeat this stunt 8 years later, jumping at 60 mph and flying 135 feet for Guinness World Records: Primetime. Photo: Charles Ellenberger.


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