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STEP-UP JUMP. This record is for the greatest height jumped in step up form, and is measured vertically, not as the jumper flies, from the top of the launch ramp to the height of the surface landed on.

    a. STEP-UP TO LANDING. This is a hard structure the rider lands on. The rider has to ride the bike all the way and land in control.

    b. STEP-UP TO NET. This is a step-up jump into a net. The rider may fall in the net, but falling from the net nullifies the jump.

Nominees: Corey Scott

                   Spanky Spangler

(Heights unconfirmed)

    c. STEP-UP OVER BAR. This is for the rider who jumps highest over a bar, measured vertically from the height of the edge of the launch, whether dirt or ramp, to the height of the top of the bar.

Current record holder: Textbook Tommy Clowers, 22 feet.

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