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SKI JUMP. This is the farthest jump on a nordic ski jump ramp. It is measured line of sight downhill from the tip of the launch ramp to the near edge of the nearest mark.

Current record holder: Alain Prieur (France), 276.57 feet (84.3 meters) at Olympique de St-Nizier, October 9, 1988. This jump was done during the day in dry conditions on a Nordic style ski jump on a bike with forward mounted shocks (moved forward both top and bottom), conventional forks and an air-cooled engine.


2nd place record holder: Toni Rossberger (Bavaria, Germany), 262.46 feet (80 meters), February 20, 1999 at the Olympia-Skisprungschanze in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. This jump was done in the snow at night on a Nordic style snow ski jump ramp with a KTM 380 SX for the German TV show, "Wetten Dass?".

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