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RAMP TO GROUND. This is the farthest total jump distance from ramp to flat ground with the approach and landing on the same plane, and is measured from the high end of the launch ramp to the nearest edge of the nearest tire mark (or other mark) of the motorcycle (or rider) on the dirt. Any kind of ramp or jump with an angled downside for landing is not allowed for this category. The entire ramp corridor can be on a slight grade, but the landing cannot be steeper than the ground the launch ramp sits on. It all has to be approximately on the same plane.

Current Record Holder: Eddie Kidd, 195 feet.

Current quad record holder: Matt "Kangaroo Kid" Coulter, 134 feet over 14 Honda CRVs.

Henry "Pitbull" Rife, 146 feet 7 inches. Note: this was a ramp to ramp attempt with flatlander.

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