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September 3, 2000


ORLANDO, FLORIDA - Tommy Clowers once again took home gold at the Right Guard Xtreme Sports Ride & Slide event at "The Projects" near Orlando.

The course was much longer and more technical than Virginia Beach. Micky Dymond and Marc Peters did a nice job of designing and building the course. There was a jump over the water with a 93 foot ramp gap, a jump into a pit and a jump over a bus lengthwise, plus a variety of other hits.

Once again the two moto system was used, with no final. The 100 degree temperatures and high humidity made it tougher than it had to be. New blood was entered in this contest, including Ronnie Renner, Kenny Yoho, Bobby Lee, Rudy Waller and Shane Trittler.

In the first round, the first six riders went out with scores from 67.75 to 83. Then Trevor Vines came out swinging like never before, scoring 92.

Tommy Clowers came out to beat him and had a pretty good routine, but Vines' run was too strong. Trevor "Better Late Than Never" Vines held on to the lead.

Brian Deegan came along. He set a fast pace, faster than Clowers and Vines. His backwards Twitch looked different. He threw the stupidest whip ever, getting so radical it wasn't even funny.

He squeaked it out with a 92.5 to win the first round.

In the second round, Jeremy Carter looked like a new man when he ripped a 90.75. Ronnie Faisst answered that with an impressive 91.75 run. Then it was Textbook Tommy, riding at the top of his game, snatching the lead with 94.75. Vines responded with a 90.50, crashing after attempting a Sterilizer and coming up slightly short. He crashed in the following 180 degree left hander.

Then it was Deegan's turn. He looked incredible and seemed to have the win in the bag when he tried a No Hander to No Hander Lander, came up a little short, compressed the forks when the rear end clipped the top of the landing and got the bike into a headshake situation. The soft sand wasn't very forgiving of his slight mistake, the front wheel knifed and washed out and Deegan went down, his wrist bent between the bars and one of the levers. He didn't lose much time, got back up and hit the big water jump immediately and threw a Superman Double Grab Indian Air, then a Whipped No Footer, then a No Footed Nac Nac, and he finished with a Superman Seat Grab Indian Air. He scored 93.

Shane Trittler was competing in his first contest and did a remarkable job. He started his routine with a Superman Seat Grab Indian Air with a Look, which was the main trick Travis Pastrana pulled out at last year's X Games, but Tritt did it with a look.


1. Tommy Clowers, 186

2. Brian Deegan, 185.50

3. Trevor Vines, 182.50

4. Ronnie Faisst, 180.75

5. Jeremy Carter, 175.50

6. Kris Rourke, 167.25

7. Colin Morrison, 160.75

8. Jeff Tilton, 159.75

9. Shane Trittler, 157.25

10. Kenny Yoho, 153.75

11. Ronnie Renner, 152

12. Rudy Waller, 150.75

13. Grant Steele, 148.75

14. Dave Castillo, 146.25

15. Bobby Lee, 132.75

Orlando was a memorable event with the huge jump over the water and the sandy course and steep hits, good variety and interesting layout for the spectators. The Florida humidity and heat was enough to kill a triathlete in his tracks, but a good time was had by all. The riders put on a good show despite the steam room conditions.

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