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HELICOPTERS. This record is for the greatest number of helicopters jumped with the blades spinning. The axis of rotor rotation must be approximately in line with the ramp centerline when viewed from above. Helicopters must sit on top of the ground or pavement, not placed in holes to make them lower. Standard helicopter is the Robinson R22.

Current record holders: Ryan Capes, 4 Robinson R44 helicopters ramp to ramp with Superman Seat Grab, July 17, 2006 for Stunt Junkies on Discovery.

Johnny Airtime, 4 Robinson R22 helicopters ramp to ramp, 1991 for The Ultimate Challenge on Fox.

Hovering helicopters: Heidi Henry and Joe Reed, 1 helicopter. Note: the helicopter was in a ditch.

Current quad record holder: Matt Coulter, 1 helicopter ramp to ground.

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