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Freestyle motocross boasts some of the most radical jumping ever. Some of the crashes associated with these endeavors are to be remembered. Following are some of those memorable crashes.

        1. Travis Pastrana, IFMA contest at Lake Havasu - short, cased, stuck, separated spine from pelvis

        2. Kenny Bartram, IFMA Las Vegas $75,000 Final - came up short, KOd, fell off back of bike, slid down to base of jump, bike squirted over the lip - Kenny's helmet that covered his chin bent the Renthal crossbar down about 3/4 of an inch to one inch, and the crossbar clamp slid about 1/2 inch down the handlebar from his face impacting the bars.

        3. Dan Pastor, Eureka, CA - bar hop, snagged throttle cable with foot on the way over, throttle stuck wide open, he ghosted the bike and landed the downside. Bike went wide open for 100 feet before it stuffed into motor home beween the body and the rear bumper and lodged there

        4. Carey Hart, X Games '99 - short, case, endo during practice

        5. Justin Homan - hung up doing trick, crashed and hurt legs

        6. Chris Garwasiuk, Orange County - short, looped out, bailed, landed with foot under his posterior

        7. Grant Steele, Cow Palace, San Francisco - landed in row C in a guy's nachos

        8. Grant Steele, Air MX Challenge, Mesa Marin Raceway, October 2000, came up short, cased, endoed to 15 feet below on hardpack, broke 5 ribs, punctured lung, broke scapula, collarbone

        9. Mike Metzger at Winchester Arena - short, case, stuck where he landed - then had to drive cross country that night to begin the Warped Tour

        10. Kenny Bartram, Irwindale WFA event - flatlanded, ambulance ride

        11. Caleb Wyatt, Las Vegas demo

        12. Tommy Clowers, X Games '99 - short, broke wrist

        13. Carey Hart, Warped Tour, Phoenix - went long, landed on ramp, broke ramp deck, rear tire buried in ramp until swingarm made dents on both sides of the tire hole in the ramp deck; also pegs and frame stamped deep marks in the plywood. Carey fell over and slid out

        14. Seth Enslow, Crusty Demons of Dirt - Dune jump flatlander that made him famous. Went 4th gear instead of 3rd, overjumped downside dune, flatlanded in sand, head hit bars as his whole body flowed over the bars like a waterfall to a headplant in the sand, big jump, hard crash

        15. Micky Dymond on dunes - short, endo. Was riding with Cinqmars, Cinq was hitting this big double in the dunes, but there was a hump before the launcher. Dymond tried it in 3rd and came up a little short, then went back and tried it in 4th. He came up even shorter! Why? Because the hump made him go airborne too long, he landed too close to the launcher and actually lost speed. He would have gone farther if he hadn't flown so far off the hump!

        16. Micky Dymond road jump overjump

        17. Seth Enslow on dunes - landed on McGrath's bike and others

        18. Carey Hart, Gravity Games 2000, full gainer flip - overrotated and compressed his spine and fell over.

        19. Robert Distler, long flatlander on sand dune, slapped throat across crossbar, severed trachea/esophagus, April 2001

        20. Dylan Creamer, long flatlander at contest in England, slapped throat across crossbar, severed trachea/esophagus, April 2001

        21. Brian Deegan, short on 90 foot gap in Aspen, Colorado, Winter X Games, January 26, 2004. Landed on all fours and broke both wrists and a femur.



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