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This is for the longest jump with a trick in a given category.

Flip, biggest ramp gap, snow: Caleb Wyatt, Mike Metzger, Nate Adams, 90 foot gap, X Games 2004

Flip, ramp to dirt, biggest ramp gap: Mike Metzger, 80', X Games 2002

Superman Seat Grab Indian Air, ramp to dirt ramp: Ryan Capes, 253 feet, 2 inches, Superman Seat Grab Indian Air, Kawasaki KX450F, 2-25-2007, Huckfest 2007, Toe's MX Park, Royal City, WA.

Former record holder, Superman Seat Grab, ramp to dirt ramp: Robbie Maddison, 246 feet, Honda CR250, 5-14-2005 at the Crusty Demons Night of World Records, Queensland Raceway, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

Former SMSG ramp to dirt ramp record holder: Ryan Capes, 181', 10-6-02, Kirkland, WA

Seat Grab, ramp to dirt ramp: Ronnie Faisst, 205'.

No Hander Lander, ramp to ramp: Johnny Airtime, 140', 1988, Ascot Park, Gardena, CA

Heel Clicker, ramp to dirt: Ronnie Faisst, 140', San Diego, CA.

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