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November 5, 2000


IRVINE LAKE, CALIFORNIA The course was huge and impressive and the wind was blowing here and there when Brian Deegan won the Right Guard Xtreme Sport Ride & Slide event at Irvine Lake this weekend. The Dymond-designed, Peters-built course boasted lots of variety on the tri-level piece of real estate upon which the contest was held, including a six pack, a dropaway jump with about a 105 foot ramp gap, a step-up jump with about 115 feet of ramp gap and a smattering of ramps and dirt jumps. There was so much variety that lines were important in the final tally of scores, since a good line would produce a lot of jumps and a bad line choice would keep the jump count low. Judging was difficult on this course, where no two riders took a similar route during their 2-1/2 minute runs. The two day event was unforgettable and everybody had a great time overall. What a contest!

On Saturday, Ray Sommo went out for practice and wound up getting knocked out for a few minutes. He was okay. Reagan Sieg crashed and tore some skin off his hand.

Mike Harris was throwing some nice whips in practice, and so was Bartram. 

Saturday's Qualifiers consisted of one 2-1/2 minute round. They took the top 16 for Sunday.


1. Mad Mike Jones    87.60

2. Drake McElroy    87.40

3. Clifford "The Flyin' Hawaiian" Adoptante    82.60

4. Justin Homan    82.40

5. Kenny Bartram    81.60

6. Mike Harris    75.60

7. Jeff Tilton    75.20

8. Ryan Leyba    75.00

9. Colin Morrison    75.00

10. Larry "Wombat" Linkogle    72.00

11. Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg    68.60

12. Shane Trittler    68.20

Several riders jumped the big dropaway jump, but nobody touched the big step-up.


Practice on Sunday was interesting. Mike Jones and Clifford Adoptante were sizing up the big step-up, rolling it but not jumping it. Nobody went for it until the final few guys. Mike Jones was the first to step up and try the step up. Intimidating though it was, it wasn't as burly as the one at Planet P in Salt Lake City, so some of the riders knew what it took to get over it. Jones sailed the distance, throwing a No Footer just for good measure. Jones tried the step-up toward the end of an incredibly radical routine. He went off like the craziest Jones ever seen.

Deegan was the 2nd to last rider to jump in the final moto. He started his routine with the big step-up, just jumping it with no trick. The last rider, Clowers, started his routine with the big step-up as well.

All of these riders are great jumpers.

Jones threw awesome tricks like the Hart Attack Indian Air, the Coffin to No Hander Lander, a huge Superman, nice One Footed Whips, a Surfer Lander and he jumped the big dropaway jump with a No Hander Lander. He did a One Handed Superman Seat Grab and a nice Cliff Hanger. He then did the big step-up with the No Footer, then on the dropaway he did a No Footer with a Look. He finished with the Stork on the big step-up. His second run scored 95, the highest of the contest.

Deegan responded with an awesome routine amazingly in the same league. His first jump out was the big step-up, wowing the crowd. His 2nd trick out was on the big dropaway jump, where he pulled off a Superman Seat Grab Indian Air. He threw other tricks like a Lookback Hart Attack, a Cordova, 1-footed Whips, a Superman Seat Grab Indian Air with a Look, a transfer with a No Footed Whip, a Nothing, a Superman Double Grab Indian Air, a No Footed Nac Nac with a Double Kick, a beautiful Superman Seat Grab Indian Air to Superman Seat Grab Indian Air (the other way), and a One Handed Superman Seat Grab Indian Air. He incredibly tied Jones' run with a 95.

They were tied for the lead when Clowers rode. He ripped the big step-up, then did a Pendulum on the big drop. He did a great Switchblade and a nice Superman Indian Air.  There was a Catwalk to No Footer with a Look. He did a Nothing and a Whip Lookback Indian Air, a Whipped Look on the transfer and a No Footed Can Can with a Look. His One Handed Superman Seat Grab Indian Air was really nice and his Cat Nac was superb. Then it was a No Footed Can Can to No Footer. He finished with a sketch Superman. His routine was good for a 93.20 on the second run.


1. Brian Deegan    91.20 + 95.00 = 186.20

2. Mad Mike Jones    88.60 + 95.00 = 183.60

3. "Textbook Tommy" Clowers    90.20 + 93.20 = 183.40

4. Trevor Vines    84.80 + 84.60 = 169.40

5. Ronnie Faisst    86.80 + 82.00 = 168.80

6. Kris Rourke    83.40 + 85.20 = 168.60

7. Clifford Adoptante    81.60 + 83.20 = 164.80

8. Kenny Bartram    79.40 + 81.20 = 160.60

9. Jeff Tilton    80.00 + 79.00 = 159.00

10. Drake McElroy    83.40 + 75.20 = 158.60

11. Ryan Leyba    78.00 + 77.80 = 155.80

12. Justin Homan    78.60 + 76.80 = 155.40

13. Mike Harris    73.00 + 75.60 = 148.60

14. Jeremy Stenberg    73.80 + 74.00 = 147.80

15. Larry Linkogle    66.20 + 60.00 = 126.20

16. Colin Morrison    70.60 + 50.60 = 121.20

Relative newcomer to FMX Drake McElroy showed everybody that he may be a force to be reckoned with.

Kris Rourke has the potential to win contests - he has real flashes of brilliance. If he concentrates and puts together an entire flawless run, he will be a winner of contests. He exhibited testicular fortitude with his sick and slow Rodeo on the big dropaway jump. Awesome! His Hart Attack Double Grab was just sick, and his Hart Attack Indian Air was too. He also did a Superman Double Grab Indian Air, which was impressive! He rode a slow pace and his trick count was low here, but still he was super impressive on several tricks.

Faisst's new move, where he does a Bar Hop and then goes into a high, straight legged split V posture, is called the Shao Lin. Very picturesque.

Adoptante is another who can win with new moves and good variety. His trick count was high, despite the fact that his pace was slow. Line selection was the key.

Tilton has been working on some moves and is getting more impressive. Not content to lean on Lean Airs and Suicide No Handers, he was busting the big dropoff and he was also throwing things like a Superman Seat Grab Indian Air.

The RGXS Ride & Slide series results will be available soon. Deegan won the series over  hard-fighting Clowers in a tight battle that went to the last moto. Congratulations to both riders who showed a lot of heart and never let up for a minute.

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