Clowers Takes 2nd Night in Vegas

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November 11, 2000


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - The wind continued to blow at the FreeRide Moto-X Championships at Las Vegas Speedway as Tommy Clowers battled back to win the 2nd stop in V-town.

Practice was interesting. Rourke, Adoptante and Pastor freight trained off one of the big center doubles with a 15 or 20 mph tailwind and all three went long and flatlanded and wasted their front rims. Rourke endoed. Adoptante slid out and slid along the ground all the way to the berm.

A couple of riders really stood out. One was Justin Homan, with awesome jumps like the Catwalk to Saran One Hander, the big jump with a Superman to Heel Clicker, and the big one again with a No Footed Can to Superman. Those are nice combos.

Another standout was Ryan Leyba. He did some beautiful Whipped Lookback No Footed Nac Indian Airs that are the best anywhere.

I'll say that Tilton is going full tilt to prove that he deserves his scores. He started his routine with the biggest jump on the course, throwing a No Footed Can with a Lookback. He also threw a really nice Cinq-esque whip, a Superman Seat Grab Indian Air, a Disco Can and a perfect Two Handed Front Fender Grab to No Hander Lander.

The top 3 scorers were Clowers, Pastor and Rourke.

Pastor was the 17th rider to perform. He started with the big 105' jump with a Superman Seat Grab, then a nice Whip, then a nice Bar Hop. Then it was a 95' whip, then a Superman Seat Grab Indian Air, then a Candy Bar to No Footer, and finally a Whip with a Look. He received an 88.5.

Deegan rode, but his injuries held his score down to 84.4.

Clowers started his routine with a Superman Seat Grab Indian Air with a Look, then a 95' sketch. Then he threw a nice Cat Nac, followed by a Lookback Hart Attack. He then went to a One Handed Superman Seat Grab with one hand behind his back, very nice. He did a standing on the seat wheelie to the ramp, where he then threw a Switchblade. He finished with a good Catwalk. He scored 88.9.

Rourke, hoping to repeat last night's victory, started with the 95' Heel Clicker, then a slightly overjumped Lazy Boy. He got blown by the wind and pulled off a One Hander, then came back with a Hart Attack Double Grab. Then he threw a Helicopter. He finished with a Superman Double Grab Indian Air. His 88.2 score was good for third.


1.  Tommy Clowers, 88.9

2. Dan Pastor, 88.5

3. Kris Rourke, 88.2

4. Billy Walls, 87.6

5. Trevor Vines, 86.4

6. Clifford Adoptante, 85.6

7. Jeff Tilton, 85.2

8. Justin Homan, 85

9. Ryan Leyba, 85

10. Brian Deegan, 84.4

11. Jeremy Carter, 83.8

12. Adam Pierce, 82.8

13. Ronnie Faisst, 82.8

14. Kris Garwasiuk, 81.2

15. Reagan Sieg, 81

16. Joey Compise, 79

17. Doug Parsons, 78.8

18. Manny Jubala, 78.6

19. Mike Craig, 77.2

20. Mike Harris, 76.6

21. Josh Smith, 71.8

22. Bobby Lee, 69


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