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August 27, 2000


VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA - Tommy Clowers won the Right Guard Xtreme Sports Ride & Slide event here. The overcast skies kept the temperature down and the short three-jump course was located right next to the water, making it a really nice day.

Before things got underway, a few mishaps caused some damage. Trevor Vines crashed. Jeremy Boyd came up short, jumped off the bike and landed on the jump face on his feet, exploding an ankle. Then Toby Thiel, on the only four stroke in the contest, was getting his range in practice when he overjumped the tower jump and flatlanded. His rear tire landed in soft clay and stuck, leaving a 6" deep hole. The front end slapped down. His face slapped down on the bars as he was thrown forward, whiplashing himself silly and getting folded over the bars violently. He crashed to a stop. After coming to, he thought he broke both arms. He had shoulder damage and the first reports we've heard is that he didn't break his arms, but he tore the muscle from the bone. Ouch.

They ran a two moto system of one minute each. The 8 finalists were to go to the final, but approaching rain forced them to let the two moto scores determine the winner. Without belaboring the details, here is how it turned out.


                                        1. Tommy Clowers, 186.50

                                        2. Brian Deegan, 184.50

                                        3. Mike Jones, 180.50

                                        4. Kris Rourke, 180.00

                                        5. Trevor Vines, 178.75

                                        6. Ronnie Faisst, 177.50

                                        7. Clifford Adoptante, 171.75

                                        8. Dan Pastor, 170.50

                                        9. Jeff Tilton, 168.75

                                        10. Bobby Lee, 130.50

Virginia Beach was a great event. If you get the chance to visit that town, don't miss it. People say that the Outer Banks is a great place to go. If you ever go to Virginia Beach, make sure you stop by and say hi to the boys at the Baja Cantina. The guys who own that place are really into freestyle motocross.

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